A deep understanding of the use and real-time context of physical spaces is essential to smooth operation and efficiency, and is one of the key building-blocks in “smart” and “responsive” design. With a deep geospatial understanding of physical space, resources can be deployed in a responsive way while geospatial communication tools can assure precision in the movement of people and things through these spaces.

From highly customisable digital mapping that can integrate any data-source for the geospatial communication of real-time and historic information, to capabilities for the tracking of people and things in space and the routing of those people and things based on known data; Living Map can bring geospatial intelligence to any smart and responsive initiative.

Our Solutions

Digital Wayfinding

Interactive Wayfinding, Digital Signage and Kiosks

Mobile Wayfinding Apps

Wayfinding solutions via a well designed and intuitive mobile app interface

Indoor Maps

SaaS technology base for a range of indoor (and outdoor) mapping applications

Industry Sectors


Location Intelligence in Transportation


Location intelligence in Healthcare

Cities and Districts

Location intelligence in Cities and Districts

Smart Spaces

Location intelligence in Smart Spaces