Cities and Districts

Location intelligence in Cities and Districts

A key building-block of Smart and Responsive City and District initiatives; activating digital location and geospatial intelligence unlocks a wide range of interaction and interventions as well as responsive digital automation. In parallel, map-based communication provides a real-time context-aware orientation to guide visitors, residents, employees and other statkeholers through complex journeys and analyse real-time tracking and historic location data for better management and planning.

These tools are applicable across a wide range of environments from city-side integration to hospital complexes, university and corporate campuses and mixed-use districts.


Design automation to allow city and district-wide services and amenities to respond to real-time changes in site occupancy and the movement of people, such as limiting access and redirecting people to maintain lower occupancy for social distancing or deploying additional cleaning staff to areas of higher usage.

Automatically adjust transit deployment to address real-time people-flow and route transit passengers for better transit system efficiency automatically.


Gather data from multiple sources to better understand the movement of people through cities and districts over time and analyse this data on a geospatial canvas to better understand trends, motivations, impacts and the potential for behaviour change.

Curated routing

Provide multi-modal routing and guidance to visitors, residents, staff and others based on their itinerary and intention.

Use any available data filtered through customised business rules to define curated journeys.

Curated routing may be used to promote walking and cycling, ensure social distancing, support local businesses and many other potential benefits to the public good.

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