Indoor Mapping Software Solutions

The Living Map Platform provides a Saas technology base for a range of indoor and outdoor mapping applications. Work with us to create a bespoke solution for your particular needs.

  • Create and serve beautiful indoor (and outdoor) maps at scale.
  • Generate, manage and edit maps easily with our intuitive Map Manager System (MMS) interface.
  • Granular, search-enabled indoor mapping.
  • Deliver a best-in-class indoor map through any device; mobile app, responsive website, digital kiosks and live screens.
  • Seamless outdoor-indoor navigation that works anywhere!
  • Indoor routing and wayfinding capabilities.
  • Hardware agnostic indoor positioning and live location technology.

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Indoor Mapping Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indoor Mapping?

The term “indoor mapping” refers to the process of creating a 3D map of an indoor environment using various sensors and technologies, such as cameras, lasers, GPS receivers, inertial measurement units (IMUs), etc. This technology can be used for many purposes: navigation, route planning, security, facility management, asset tracking, etc.

How Does Indoor Mapping Work?

An indoor map consists of a set of points that represent objects in the indoor space. These points are called landmarks or waypoints. The position of each landmark is stored in a database along with its properties, such as colour, shape, size, texture, etc. A camera or laser scanner captures images of the indoor space and sends them to a computer where they are processed by software algorithms.