Mobile Wayfinding Apps

Customers, employees, and guests are now accustomed to using their mobile devices for wayfinding applications and expect a level of sophistication. The Living Map Platform as a technology base, can provide you with indoor (and outdoor) mapping, navigation and wayfinding solutions via a well designed and intuitive mobile app interface (as well as other applications such as information kiosks and public display screens).

Your mobile application will feature:

  • Best-in-class digital mapping and cartography.
  • Technology agnostic live positioning and wayfinding; we can make use of your existing sensor infrastructure, the native capability of your user’s device, or even no sensors at all, to provide the live positioning information needed.
  • Weight-based routing, allowing for stair-free, accessibility-conscious or crowd-avoidance wayfinding, ideal for people with reduced mobility (PRM).
  • Turn-by-turn directions for a smooth visitor experience.
  • An intuitive interface that your customers, staff, guests, passengers or other users will be instantly familiar with.
  • Cross-platform compatibility for Android, iOS devices and beyond.

Benefits of Wayfinding apps

  • Improved customer experience
    With one tap of a button, users can find their way around a facility or location, reducing the stress and frustration of getting lost.
  • Enhanced accessibility
    Wayfinding apps may include features to make them more accessible to users with disabilities, such as high contrast displays or text-to-speech functionality.
  • Customisation
    Allow users to customise their experience by setting preferences or saving favourite locations.
  • Multilingual support
    Display information in your user's preferred language.

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Living Map don't sell seats of SaaS software - we are a digital mapping technology partner. Talk to us about your needs. Let’s discuss how we can tailor a mobile wayfinding app to your needs. See our technology in action. Book a 30 minute demo here.

Mobile Wayfinding Applications and Use-Cases

Our mobile wayfinding technology is used are used by local councils, education and healthcare institutions, and enterprise clients globally to address use cases, such as: