Smart Spaces

Location intelligence in Smart Spaces

A key building-block for the digital activation of buildings for smart and responsive initiatives; digital location and geospatial intelligence unlocks a wide range of interaction and interventions as well as responsive digital automation. In parallel, map-based communication provides a real-time context-aware orientation to guide visitors, residents, employees and other stakeholers through complex journeys and analyse real-time tracking and historic location data for better management and planning.

These tools play an essential role in the management of facilities and resources, as well as the enhancement of the visitor experience.

Asset tracking and facilities management

Understand the location and context of building assets in real-time with tracking and IoT integrations. Deploy necessary staff member based on their current location to address facilities management issues as they arise. Reroute visitors to avoid disruption caused by current facilities issues. Understand the current state of building infrastructure at a glance with deep map integrations.

Industry 4.0

Track factory production processes in real-time and configure smart alerts. Route cargo through complex paths at busy ports based on origin, destination and customs inspection requirements. Plan and allocate dock or factory space utilization with map and time based visualisation tools.

Curated routing

Provide multi-modal routing and guidance to visitors, residents, staff and others based on their itinerary and intention.

Use any available data filtered through customised business rules to define curated journeys.

Curated routing may be used to promote the discovery and exploration of shops, exhibitions and services, ensure social distancing, guide visitors to their destination and many other visitor experience and safety use-cases.

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