Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding for Airports

Simple, efficient, stress-free navigation is a core challenge for airports.

The Living Map Platform provides a technology base that is perfectly suited to addressing these challenges. We build solutions that:

  • Improve passenger experience with Live Mapping - Share real-time information about flights and help passengers locate dining, retail and other airport amenities with ease.
  • Affordable, scalable and privacy friendly - Living Map products are design create a seamlessly branded experience that are tailored to your needs.
  • Automated PRM assistance - Support passengers with reduced mobility or accessibility challenges.
  • Increase ancillary revenue - Create opportunities for sponsorship partners and impactful advertising.
  • Detailed analytics to allow you to act quickly - Provide operations teams with real time staff location for efficient dispatch, incident response and improve strategic decision making.

Living Map use a hardware-agnostic system, so we can leverage your existing sensors, or no sensors at all, to power accurate live positioning for passengers and staff. You’ll be able to use sophisticated digital maps to build beautiful wayfinding experiences - whether it's via mobile/web interfaces or a variety of digital signage options - so your users can move around the airport effortlessly.

Benefits of Airport Wayfinding systems

Accurate, intelligent digital wayfinding in airports can be used to:

  • Reduce costs
    Provide dynamic rerouting, fast-track security passes and real-time updates for their flight, baggage, and gate to help reduce the likelihood of travellers missing their flight or connection.
  • Enhanced experience
    Visually relieve the directional frustration of travellers and enable users to define specific routes, avoiding steep stairs or ramps if needed. To make transit easier for visually impaired people, voice guidance can also be provided.
  • Improve traffic flow
    Reduce congestion and bottlenecks in the airport, improving the flow of foot traffic and increasing the overall efficiency of the facility.
  • Drive customer loyalty & spend
    Easily gain feedback to improve services and create awareness of on-premises shops, other points of interest and promotional offers.

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