Location Intelligence in Transportation

The transportation of people and goods requires the perfect timing of events in physical spaces. The air or train passenger needs to be at the right gate or platform at the right time. Luggage or cargo needs to be moved from one place to another. The path through these spaces is complex with numerous hurdles to clear (customs checks, immigration control, security checks). Many of these journeys also involve connections across multiple modes of transportation.

Living Map’s suite of location and mapping technologies can integrate with any data source and into any application or management platform in order to keep transportation moving smoothly for all involved and make sure that people and things arrive at their destinations safely and efficiently.

Transportation Use Cases

Asset tracking in transportation

Asset Tracking

Improvements in efficiency through location intelligent asset tracking and workforce management tools (including cargo management and below-the-wing).

Wayfinding in transportation


Fewer missed connections and improved on-time performance and higher ancillary sales thanks to station/airport mapping and passenger routing customised at an individual level with curated routes.

Passenger tracking in transportation

Passengers Tracking

With Living Map’s Live Location, gate agents will be able to track connecting passengers’ location within the airport in order to know whether to hold a flight or unload their luggages.

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Star Alliance case study

  • "In Living Map, we have found a partner whose technology and vision complements ours."

    Star Alliance

    Christian Draeger

    Vice President Customer Experience, Star Alliance

  • "Our partnership with Star Alliance and Living Map, is part of our efforts to use digital technologies to provide a more seamless customer journey."

    Singapore Airlines

    Mr Lee Lik Hsin

    Executive Vice President Commercial, Singapore Airlines

  • "The team at Living Map were able to turn around this map promptly, enabling us to support our staff in their new journeys"

    RUH Bath

    Cris Fletcher

    Sustainable Travel Coordinator Estates and Facilities, RUH Bath

  • "This is a key milestone in the Museum's journey toward a scalable and sustainable solution for indoor positioning and wayfinding."

    The MET Museum

    Loic Tallon

    Chief Digital Officer, The MET Museum