Technology solutions for complex spaces. Digital mapping, wayfinding and positioning for people, assets and places.

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Hardware-agnostic positioning.
Source-agnostic mapping.
Curated wayfinding.

Live Positioning

Highly accurate indoor positioning without the requirement for deployment and management of costly hardware infrastructure.


  • No infrastructure requirement
  • Up to 10-metre accuracy
  • Real-time asset tracking

Live Map

Industry-leading, design-focused, indoor and outdoor digital mapping. Ability to layer multiple data types from any source, including IoT and external APIs.


  • Dynamic category overlays
  • Category and type search
  • API and IOT integrations

Live Routing

Curated navigation based on a specific individual’s purpose, itinerary and location. Provide helpful routing, alerts and recommendations to enrich visitors’ experience of your space.


  • Customise routing with business rules
  • GDPR compliant
  • Alerts via push notification based on time, location or both
  • Accessible routing tailored to users’ needs
  • Routing between and within indoor and outdoor spaces

Live Location

Real-time tracking of moving assets or visitors via map-based dashboards. Adjust visitor flows dynamically, make data-driven operational decisions, use insights to improve visitor experience by adjusting dynamic routing based on real-time feedback.


  • Real-time information and intelligence
  • Access to historic data and trends
  • Advanced data visualisation charts and dashboards
  • Real-time notifications based on customer parameters
  • GDPR compliant

Leading clients and partners

An intuitive product that adapts to any device

Because we follow a User Centred Design methodology, our maps and interface have undergone rigorous testing. What this means for you is the peace of mind to know that your users will be comfortable using our maps, regardless of the device category they use: smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or multi-touch kiosk.

Why choose Living Map?

Single source of truth

Manage and update all your geospatial data from one place, then output instantly to mobile-web, mobile-apps, desktop-web or digital signage.

Design heritage

With decades of experience designing maps for complex indoor and outdoor spaces through our partnership with Applied Wayfinding.

We play nicely with friends

Our platform is open to integrations with any third-party provider and application.

Talk to us about making your city or site smarter

We’d love to discuss how Living Map can help you to communicate the most important information about your physical space to your customers, residents, visitors or partners.

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