Technology solutions for complex spaces.
Digital mapping, wayfinding and positioning
for people, assets and places.

Turn data into insight. Turn insight into action.

Digital maps and routing

A modern and dynamic interface that helps users access the information they need to explore their surroundings and plan their visit.

Available on multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and digital touch screen units.

  • • Dynamic category overlays
  • • Intuitive UI
  • • Customisable asset list
  • • Category and type search
  • • Multimodal routing to the destination
  • • Auto-pan to selected assets
  • • API integrations

Positioning System

With no reliance on hardware, users can visualise their indoor location on a digital map within an application and return a route to their chosen destination.

  • • No hardware dependency
  • • 1-5 metre location accuracy
  • • Efficient routing
  • • Heads up mapping
  • • Re-routing ability
  • • Non-pedestrian accessible routing
  • • Utilises existing infrastructure

IoT Visualisation

A system that receives real-time data and visualises it on a digital map of your space. From understanding activity and performance, Living Map can connect to any IoT platform or device, displaying data from room occupancy and temperature to noise and CO2 levels.

  • • Intuitive RAG status icons
  • • Real-time information and intelligence
  • • Access to historic data and trends
  • • Information on min, max and averages
  • • Advanced data visualisation charts
  • • Set optimum range to display a warning
  • • API integrations

What we offer

Design focussed digital mapping with the ability to customise content

Tracking, locating and monitoring of assets in real time

Full integration with third party data and applications

Accessible and inclusive solutions tailored to your user needs

Responsive display to the device of your choice: mobile, desktop, kiosk

Secure maps tailored to specific audiences

Rich analytics platform giving insight to your space

Indoor location that breaks away from expensive hardware dependency

Intelligent routing between and within, indoor and outdoor spaces

Leading clients and partners across multiple verticals

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An intuitive product that adapts to any device

Because we follow a User Centred Design methodology, our maps and interface have undergone rigorous testing. What this means for you is the peace of mind to know that your users will be comfortable using our maps, regardless of the device category they use: smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or multi-touch kiosk.

An image of Living Maps product on multiple devices, such as laptops, smartphones and multi-touch Kiosk

  • "We’ve been able to share detailed information about our neighborhoods in real-time, helping visitors explore attractions, restaurants, and hotels."
    Destination Cleveland

    Maura Garven

    Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Destination Cleveland

  • "This is a key milestone in the Museum's journey toward a scalable and sustainable solution for indoor positioning and wayfinding."
    The MET Museum

    Loic Tallon

    Chief Digital Officer, The MET Museum

Single source of truth

Manage and update all your geospatial data from one place, then output instantly to mobile-web, mobile-apps, desktop-web or digital signage.

Your data. Your assets.

You own and control your geospatial information and first-party data. Forever.

Design Heritage

With decades of experience designing maps for complex indoor and outdoor spaces through our partnership with Applied Wayfinding.

We play nicely with friends

Our platform is open to integrations with any third-party provider and application.