Living Map: a technology company that builds digital maps and tools defining how people interact with complex spaces.

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  • "We’ve been able to share detailed information about our neighborhoods in real-time, helping visitors explore attractions, restaurants, and hotels."
    Destination Cleveland

    Maura Garven

    Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Destination Cleveland

  • "This is a key milestone in the Museum's journey toward a scalable and sustainable solution for indoor positioning and wayfinding."
    The MET Museum

    Loic Tallon

    Chief Digital Officer, The MET Museum

Turn data into insight. Turn insight into action.

Destination Cleveland

For smart cities

Efficient city management

Living Map brings your city’s data together. Combine your physical footprint with your digital services to provide a better experience for your residents.

Connected communities

Enrich the lives of residents and visitors by providing live and localised environmental, social, and cultural information in a simple and accessible way.

Case study: City of Cleveland

Cleveland live map

The MET Museum

For smart buildings

Reduce costs

Living Map gives site managers and engineers the ability to significantly reduce the time needed to locate and manage assets in complex sites.

Improve service delivery

Give customers a new way to engage with their building via a rich, interactive digital platform.

Case study: The MET Museum

The MET Museum live map

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

For smart businesses

Access new markets

Partner with Living Map to unlock business sectors with complex physical and digital profiles.

Evolve your products

Use Living Map’s SDKs to add rich map functionality to your suite of products or internal digital services.

Case study: QEOP

QEOP live map

A cutting-edge map and data platform

Visualise your site's data. Make it accessible. Make it actionable.

Powerful features

Live Location

Accurate location, indoor or out with no hardware

Routing & Navigation

Intelligent routing around your space

Cutting-edge design

Decades of deep cartographic knowledge


Conforming to the latest accessibility standards

App SDKs

Embed your living map in any mobile application

IOT live sensor

Use your living map to visualise your IoT assets in real-time


Give users rich information about what’s going on around them


Understand how people experience your place

Social media integrations

Give users real-time social media feeds within your map

API integrations

Connect any third-party technology to your living map to create custom functionality

Single source of truth

Manage and update your map from one place, then output instantly to mobile-web, mobile-apps, desktop-web, digital signage or print.

Your data. Your assets.

You own and control your geospatial information and first-party data. Forever.

Infinitely configurable

Your needs aren’t served by a one-size fits all approach. Living Map gives you the power to define and own the experience of your space.

We play nicely with friends

Our platform is open to integrations with any third-party provider.