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Use Cases: Transportation

In the fast-paced and dynamic transport industry, navigating through complex environments, such as airports and train stations, can be a challenging task for passengers.

Traditional wayfinding methods often lead to confusion, delays, and missed connections, causing frustration among travellers, and affecting overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, ensuring a safe and efficient travel experience in large and crowded terminals requires innovative solutions that can adapt to existing infrastructure seamlessly.

Living Map’s digital mapping and wayfinding product suite, Living Map Platform™ is designed to transform passenger navigation in the transport industry, including aviation and rail sectors. Our solution addresses the challenges faced by travellers and transport operators by providing a comprehensive and intuitive navigation system.

Key Features and Benefits:

Effortless journey planning

With our Living Map Platform™, passengers can effortlessly plan their journeys, select points of interest, and access personalised directions through their smart devices. This streamlined approach ensures passengers can quickly find their way to boarding gates, platforms, or other essential locations within the transport facility.

Enhanced travel experience

Our Living Map Platform™ elevates the overall travel experience for passengers of all backgrounds and preferences. Clear and real-time directions reduce uncertainty, providing peace of mind and boosting passenger confidence in the transport system.

Optimal routes and time efficiency

Living Map’s My Map Manager feature empowers the administrators to make real-time updates to the map and directions. Travelers benefit from optimised routes and real-time directions, resulting in significant time savings and smoother connections. This efficiency enhances overall travel satisfaction and contributes to positive customer experiences.

Inclusive design for disabled access

the map is specifically designed to support disabled access, providing guidance and information for people with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity and equal opportunities for all travellers.

Mobile accessibility

The Living Map Platform™ fosters convenience and accessibility through its mobile accessibility feature. By simply scanning a QR code on digital screens (kiosks) or simple signage, users can easily take the map with them on their mobile devices. This empowers individuals to navigate their journey while on-the-go. The availability of the map ensures that users can make informed decisions about the journey. This convenient feature maximises user engagement and promotes informed decision-making.

Seamless integration

Our digital mapping and wayfinding solution seamlessly integrates into existing transport infrastructure and systems. This ensures a smooth transition without disruptions, making it easy for transport operators to adopt the technology and improve passenger experiences promptly.

Advanced indoor positioning system

Our Living Map Platform™ incorporates a state-of-the-art indoor positioning technology, eliminating the need for beacons and other hardware dependencies. This innovation ensures accurate positioning and reliable navigation throughout the transport facility.

Data-driven decision making

Transport operators can leverage valuable insights from our wayfinding analytics to monitor passenger flow, gather usage data, and make informed decisions. This data-driven approach allows for the optimisation of operations, resource allocation, and continuous improvement of the travel experience.

By implementing our digital mapping and wayfinding product suite, Living Map Platform™, transport operators witness a transformative impact on passenger navigation. The seamless integration of our technology into the transport infrastructure enhances safety, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. Traveller’s experience stress-free journeys with easy-to-follow directions, leading to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Embrace the future of passenger navigation in the transport industry with our innovative digital mapping and wayfinding solution. Stay ahead by offering a superior navigation experience to your passengers. Boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand reputation with our innovative digital wayfinding solution.

Transport case studies

Star Alliance

Star Alliance initiated a discussion with Living Map around indoor positioning and navigation, and how it could add value to member airlines and their connecting journeys.

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