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Use Cases: Healthcare

The healthcare industry, comprising hospitals and health centres, faces the ongoing challenge of providing seamless and patient-centric experiences to diverse individuals seeking medical care.

Navigating the complex and often overwhelming hospital environments can be daunting for patients, visitors and staff. Additionally, healthcare institutions strive to optimise their operations, streamline patient flow, and enhance overall efficiency while maintaining a high standard of care.

Living Map’s digital mapping and wayfinding product suite, Living Map Platform™ is designed to elevate the healthcare industry by offering intelligent wayfinding and engagement solutions. With Living Map, hospitals and health centres can revolutionise patient experiences and optimise their operations for improved outcomes.

Key Features and Benefits:

Effortless hospital navigations

The Living Map’s digital mapping and wayfinding product suite, Living Map Platform™ provides patients and visitors with an interactive digital wayfinding map, facilitating seamless navigation within hospitals and health centres. Patients can easily find their way to various departments, clinics, and amenities, reducing stress and confusion during their medical journey.

Mobile accessibility

The Living Map Platform™ fosters convenience and accessibility through its mobile accessibility feature. By simply scanning a QR code on digital screens (kiosks) or simple signage, patients can easily take the map with them on their mobile devices. This significantly reduces stress as the map guides the patient through the shortest route to their appointment location. The clear directions and information in their hands alleviates stress and ensures they arrive on time, feeling more at ease.

Faster emergency care

In the event of an emergency, time is crucial. The Living Map Platform™ can help patients and their loved ones quickly locate the emergency department. By planning the shortest route, the platform ensures that patients in critical conditions receive immediate care, reducing the risk of getting lost or delayed in reaching the emergency area.

Streamlined patient flow

The Living Map Platform™ optimises patient flow within healthcare facilities, reducing wait times and improving efficiency. 

Enhanced visitor experience

Visitors, coming to support their loved ones during difficult times, can also benefit. Whether they access the map on the hospitals website or scan a QR code at the entrance, they can navigate efficiently to their loved one’s location, reducing stress and enhancing their overall experience.

Enhanced efficiency for hospital staff

Contract staff and visiting physicians often require precise directions within the hospital. The Living Map Platform™ enables them to find their destinations quickly, saving time and reducing downtime. This efficiency allows medical professionals to focus more on providing quality care to patients.

Relieving pressure on hospital personnel

With digital wayfinding readily available to patients and visitors, they can find directions without relying on busy hospital staff. This reduces congestion at reception areas and minimises interruptions for the hospital personnel, allowing them to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

Effortless route and information updates

Living Map’s My Map Manager feature empowers the hospital administrators to make real-time updates to the map and directions. If a restroom is out of service or a doctor changes their consultation room, the platform can be easily updated, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for all users.

Integration of smart infrastructure

The Living Map’s digital mapping and wayfinding product suite, Living Map Platform™ integrates seamlessly with hospital infrastructure, including IoT devices and beacons. This integration enables data-driven decision-making for healthcare administrators, leading to improved resource management and better patient outcomes.

Safety and compliance

The Living Map Platform™ enhances hospital safety by providing emergency exit routes.

Communication management

The Living Map Platform™ can be used as a communication tool to push information to users. Patients can stay informed about bus schedules, and queue lengths in the emergency tooms, reducing waiting room anxieties and improving the overall patient experience.

The implementation of Living Map’s digital mapping and wayfinding platform in hospitals and health centres addresses the challenges of navigation, enhances patient experience, and improves the overall efficiency of the facility. By providing clear and dynamic directions, reducing stress levels and enabling real-time updates, the Living Map Platform™ proves to be an invaluable tool in creating patient-centric and organised healthcare environment.

Embrace the future of healthcare with Living Map and become a leader in patient-centric experiences. Elevate the healthcare journey, optimise operations, and provide compassionate care that sets your hospital or health care centre apart in the industry.

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