About Us

About Us

Maps have fundamentally changed. We’ve moved on from generic maps to an era where people’s experience of their environment has been transformed and enhanced, helping them effectively interact with and navigate complex indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Living Map produce client-owned, custom indoor and outdoor maps, featuring unique up-to-the-minute data visualisation, dynamic responsive routing and industry leading ‘Blue Dot’ location services, that require no on-site hardware. We do this as either a turnkey or modular solution, across multiple digital formats from in-situ Kiosks to mobile phones for truly flexible, site specific and relevant use cases.  

We provide a range of mapping and location solutions delivered across digital and print formats, offering a level of engagement and value previously unavailable.

Our design capability benefits from a longstanding partnership with Applied Wayfinding, the originators of the Legible London way-finding standard. This informs on the highest levels of urban and indoor information design systems.

This unrivalled understanding of how people interact with their environment makes us uniquely qualified to create digital map solutions that transform user experiences, and provide valuable insight and business benefits for site owners. 

Based in Bath and London, we are a growing team of 30 experts across software development, design, cartography and product design to support our portfolio of prestigious clients.

User Benefits

  • Improved user experience
  • Increased mobility
  • Foster deeper engagement

Operational Benefits

  • Improve productivity
  • Drive efficiency
  • Make informed decisions
An image of the Living Map product on a multi-touch kiosk at Waltham Forest in London

Key Contacts


Matthew Crisp – Director


Martina Gianoglio – Sales & Marketing Executive

  • "We’ve been able to share detailed information about our neighborhoods in real-time, helping visitors explore attractions, restaurants, and hotels."

    Destination Cleveland

    Maura Garven

    Manager of Strategic Initiatives, Destination Cleveland

  • "This is a key milestone in the Museum's journey toward a scalable and sustainable solution for indoor positioning and wayfinding."

    The MET Museum

    Loic Tallon

    Chief Digital Officer, The MET Museum