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What is Living Map?

Living Map is a market leader in digital wayfinding and indoor / outdoor mapping.

We have honed our skills over many years of building our digital wayfinding platform (called the Living Map Platform™) for complex buildings and outdoor spaces to ensure both an intuitive user experience as well as a platform that will provide accurate data so it can be used and analysed. It is built on our SaaS platform and has no need for expensive infrastructure. 

We require no hardware to be installed to work and exceed any expectations, both at the back end and the front. SaaS gives it the ability to be hosted by us and accessible to all, and we do not require hardware, i.e., beacons, to be installed across the area.

Introducing Living Map’s digital mapping and wayfinding product suite:

Living Map Platform™

The Living Map Platform™ is the central core to our business, being the mapping, visual and functional layer upon which all other Living Map products operate. 

Using best-in-class design and aesthetics, and a modern and well-architected technology stack; it directly competes with major rivals such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, whilst offering a world-class indoor map experience.

Living Map’s digital mapping and wayfinding product suite, Living Map Platform™, contains a number of products, such as our custom indoor/outdoor maps, our mobile- and desktop-compatible Mapping UI, our Advanced Routing Engine, Living Map Kiosk™, Live Locator Asset Viewer, and Map Manager System (MMS).

Map Analytics Dashboard

Enhance visitor experiences and make data-driven decisions with our Map Analytics Dashboard: Unlock powerful insights into visitor behaviour, optimise your space, track conversions, and tailor your offerings. Our real-time data visualisation, heatmap analytics, conversion tracking, visitor behaviour analysis, and customisable reporting features revolutionise your decision making with data-driven insights. Discover the game-changing potential of our cutting-edge solution.

Living Map Kiosk™

Discover a new level of ease while navigating through intricate environments with our advanced Living Map digital wayfinding map on a kiosk. Whether you’re exploring a sprawling shopping mall, bustling airport, or expansive hospital, our state-of-the-art interactive map effortlessly guides you to your desired destination. 

Say goodbye to the frustrations of getting lost or feeling overwhelmed by perplexing signs. Our digital wayfinding map offers a user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and hassle free. As you approach the kiosk, a vibrant touchscreen welcomes you, inviting you to embark on your journey. And if you want to have the map handy, a simple scan of a QR code allows you to take the map with you.

Living Map Kiosk™ is our large-format digital screen map product. Providing dynamic, location-aware, and time-aware content to users; keeping them informed in real-time with relevant actionable information.

  • Geo-aware dynamic search and routing/wayfinding.
  • QR code hand-off to mobile of routes from the screen to a POI. 
  • Real-time analytics of usage (session length, search terms, code scans, etc).


Latest case studies

Canary Wharf

A renowned shopping destination in London, embarked on a mission to enhance its visitors' experience through a comprehensive digital wayfinding strategy. 

The Met

Living Map had developed a digital indoor mapping and wayfinding tool for museum visitors.

Star Alliance

Star Alliance initiated a discussion with Living Map around indoor positioning and navigation, and how it could add value to member airlines and their connecting journeys.

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