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Why Living Map?

One innovative digital map platform with endless possibilities.

The Living Map platform makes finding your way through beautiful but complex environments simple and effective with controllable point of interest promotion, user selection and wayfinding for everyone on their own smart device.


  • We create beautiful dynamic ‘living’ maps:, on brand and tailored to your requirements at both a customer / user and a technical level
  • We create maps that are a mix of outdoors, indoors and campus.
  • We offer custom-made routing / wayfinding features
  • Hardware-agnostic indoor positioning system: powered by Living Map’s patented multi-indicator positioning technology, our positioning system is hardware-agnostic and beacon-free
  • We do it all: mapping, wayfinding, positioning and provide the software suite to embed within your business / application.
  • We have unique formats for outputting our maps, whether its on mobile, desktop or large format kiosk
  • Our clients have complete control over their data from what is displayed on the map to map usage analytics.

Latest case studies

Canary Wharf

A renowned shopping destination in London, embarked on a mission to enhance its visitors' experience through a comprehensive digital wayfinding strategy. 

The Met

Living Map had developed a digital indoor mapping and wayfinding tool for museum visitors.

Star Alliance

Star Alliance initiated a discussion with Living Map around indoor positioning and navigation, and how it could add value to member airlines and their connecting journeys.

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