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Case Study: City of Edmonton

Seeking to capture the dynamic and changing character of the city, Edmonton requested a digital map for residents and visitors that highlights the changing seasons.

Using open-source map data, Living Map designed a map that highlights the city’s main attractions and locations based on the time of year. The map features interchangeable stylesheets highlighting different information in summer and winter.

To give access to new visitors, ensuring that both disabled and non-disabled individuals, regardless of their characteristics, can easily navigate and explore the area, 5 digital screens with a large format interface were deployed at key hubs to promote activities in the local area, while a parallel map was developed for mobile use highlighting cycling and walking options.

The map is highly responsive and integrated with data feeds for the up-to-date information including real-time departures from the area transport hubs. Users can scan a QR code on digital screens to take the map with them on their mobile devices.

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