Digital wayfinding for universities webinar

Explore the future of university navigation with our recent webinar on Digital Wayfinding for Universities, presented by our experts, Jason Azevedo and Nicola Keating-Bell. As we delve into the challenges faced by universities globally, we're delighted to share how our Living Map Platform™ provides tailored solutions. Watch the recorded session here.

The highlights:

Navigating Challenges:

Living Map have engaged with universities worldwide to understand common challenges. From the chaos of Freshers Week to the importance of accessibility and inclusiveness, universities grapple with diverse issues. The webinar explores how digital wayfinding can be a game-changer.

Living Map Platform™ Unveiled:

Our Living Map Platform™ goes beyond conventional digital mapping. While it efficiently guides users, it's a comprehensive solution. Jason provides insights into how universities can customise maps, access data analytics, and address real-time challenges.

Solving University Puzzles:

Discover how digital wayfinding simplifies university life. For Freshers, the platform empowers students to navigate with ease. Accessibility needs are seamlessly integrated, and real-time route adjustments ensure adaptability. Learn how our platform centralises information management, from tracking assets to providing information on public transport links.

Data Analytics Made Simple:

Explore the power of map data analytics with Living Map. Jason showcases how universities can gain insights into wayfinding behaviours and historical patterns. The platform's customisation options ensure that different user groups receive relevant information, guiding them strategically.

Building Your Wayfinding Platform:

Contrary to common perceptions, building a digital wayfinding platform is straightforward. We'll guide you through the process, allowing universities to actively participate in designing a tool that meets their unique needs. 

Looking Ahead with Living Map:

As Jason concludes, envision universities empowered by digital wayfinding.

Living Map is committed to transforming navigation and data management for universities. Join us in this collaborative journey!

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