Enhancing Accessibility with Living Map's Digital Wayfinding Platform

Navigating the world should be effortless for everyone, irrespective of their abilities. However, the reality often falls short of this ideal. In today’s society, ensuring accessibility is not just a goal; it's a necessity. 

According to the Papworth Trust (2018), accessibility barriers are unfortunately widespread, impacting various aspects of daily life for individuals with disabilities. Statistics reveal that 20% of disabled individuals report difficulties when shopping, 15% encounter challenges when going to the cinema or theatre, and 14% face obstacles when visiting pubs or restaurants.

Furthermore, the Papworth Trust (2018) highlights that a staggering 68% of disabled adults in the UK encounter at least one barrier when attempting to visit museums or historical places of interest.

At Living Map, we recognise the urgency of addressing these challenges and are committed to providing solutions that enhance accessibility and inclusivity for all. We have developed a comprehensive suite of features within our digital wayfinding platform, specifically designed to empower individuals with disabilities:

Accessible Routes: 

Our digital wayfinding platform provides detailed information about accessible routes within a space, including wheelchair-friendly paths, ramps, and elevators. This ensures that individuals with mobility impairments can navigate with ease, without encountering obstacles that hinder their movement.

Mobile accessibility: 

With the convenience of simply scanning a QR code on a digital screen (kiosk) or a sign, users can easily take the map with them on their mobile device, empowering them to navigate independently and efficiently. Whether they're exploring a new city or navigating a complex building such as a museum or airport, our maps provide the guidance they need at their fingertips.

Adjustable Kiosk Options: 

Our digital map product for kiosks is equipped with adjustable features, such as lowering the search bar. This caters to individuals in wheelchairs whose eye line is lower down, ensuring inclusivity and ease of use for all users.

Customisable Preferences: 

We understand that everyone has unique mobility needs and preferences. That's why our platform allows users to personalise their navigation experience, selecting preferences such as avoiding stairs. This customisation ensures that individuals can navigate spaces in a way that best suits their specific requirements.

Real-Time Updates: 

Our platform provides real-time updates on changes in routes or accessibility features within a space. This ensures that users are informed of any obstacles or closures and can adapt their navigation accordingly, minimising disruptions to their journey.

With Living Map's digital wayfinding product suite, individuals with disabilities can enjoy enhanced accessibility and independence. Our user-centric features and commitment to inclusivity ensure that everyone can navigate the world with confidence, regardless of their physical abilities. Join us in creating a more accessible future for all.


Statistical References: https://www.papworthtrust.org.uk/about-us/publications/papworth-trust-disability-facts-and-figures-2018.pdf 

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