Press Release | Living Map Enhances Accessibility with New Multilingual Digital Wayfinding Feature

Living Map, a leader in digital wayfinding, is excited to announce the launch of a new multilingual feature for its digital wayfinding platform. This innovative update allows users to view maps in their preferred language, enhancing accessibility and user experience for people from diverse backgrounds.

Seamless Navigation 

The new multilingual feature automatically detects the user's language based on their device settings. This ensures that users can immediately see maps, Points of Interest, and route directions in their preferred language. The user can also manually select their preferred language eliminating the confusion that often accompany navigating unfamiliar spaces. By supporting multiple languages, Living Map makes navigation intuitive and inclusive for everyone, whether they are international travellers at an airport, tourists in a city, or patients in a hospital.

"At Living Map, we aim to make navigation simple and accessible for everyone," said Phil Rae, Chief Technology Officer at Living Map. "Adding multilingual support helps us ensure that language barriers don't prevent anyone from finding their way in an unfamiliar space." 

Enhancing User Experience and Inclusivity

Multilingual digital wayfinding significantly improves the user experience by providing clear, easily accessible information in the user's preferred language. This level of customisation is particularly key in environments like hospitals and transportation hubs, where accurate and timely navigation can significantly impact user satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, offering directions in multiple languages demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, enhancing the reputation of businesses and institutions that use Living Map's platform. It ensures that all users, regardless of their native tongue, feel welcome and supported.

Empowering Clients with the Map Manager System (MMS)

In addition to enhancing the user experience, Living Map's Map Manager System empowers clients to manage and update their facilities' maps in multiple languages. This feature allows facility managers to make real-time changes and ensure that their maps are accurate and up-to-date in all supported languages.

"Our Map Manager System gives clients full control over their wayfinding solution”, said Phil Rae. "With the ability to edit and manage maps in multiple languages, clients can serve their diverse users better, ensuring clear and accurate information for everyone." 

Living Map's commitment to innovation and inclusivity is evident in this latest update. By providing multilingual support and empowering clients with robust management tools, we are setting a new standard in digital wayfinding. Discover the future of navigation with Living Map and ensure that your facility is accessible to everyone, regardless of language.

Experience the enhanced capabilities of Living Map’s digital wayfinding platform and never get lost in translation again.




About Living Map

Living Map is a market leader in digital wayfinding and indoor / outdoor mapping. The company specialises in crafting dynamic, client-managed, and branded digital maps across a wide spectrum of environments, from intricate indoor spaces to expansive city areas. Living Map has earned the trust of global clients in transportation, healthcare, retail, culture, and smart spaces, including notable names like Canary Wharf, St. Pancras, and the Met Museum.

The Living Map Platform™ is a game-changer, offering a turn-key solution that excels in user-friendliness and intuition. It delivers real-time, customisable step-by-step directions, putting clients in control and benefiting visitors, patients, and travellers alike with time saved, reduced stress, and heightened satisfaction.

Unlike traditional signage or paper maps, the unique platform handles complex routes, accounts for real-time changes - such as construction and temporary closures - and optimises routes based on distance, time, and accessibility. Routes can also be curated with personalised guides and must-see stops, enriching the visitor experience, and transforming how they navigate the environment.

Beyond navigation, the Living Map platform™ is a data powerhouse, capturing insights into visitor behaviour and route popularity, boosting operational efficiency and revenue for clients. By extension, for Facilities Management and operational purposes, the same map can be configured to locate and find IoT tagged equipment and any range of fixed and mobile assets our clients might wish to define.

In essence, Living Map is a strategic partner for clients looking to transform the visitor experience while retaining full control over their brand and data. Living Map is reshaping the future of navigation, one map at a time.

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