Game-Changing Experiences: How Digital Wayfinding Transforms Sports Stadiums

With the countdown to the UEFA EURO 2024 in full swing, football fans from all over Europe anticipate supporting their teams during this popular tournament. As supporters prepare to enjoy the matches from the comfort of their home, many are gearing up for the exciting journey to Germany, the proud host of this year’s event.

UEFA EURO 2024 will occur across ten world-class stadiums in Germany, including stadiums that can accommodate up to 80,000 fans, turning them into bustling hubs during the busiest period. Navigating vast and expansive spaces like football stadiums can quickly become stressful and time-consuming, and locating seats isn’t always straightforward. Therefore, as we gear up for the UEFA EURO 2024 tournament, we would like to reflect on how digital wayfinding addresses navigational challenges faced by sports spectators and is changing stadiums for the better. 


Here’s how: 


Effortless Navigation

Digital wayfinding software is designed to guide event attendees around expansive spaces like football stadiums with ease. The Living Map digital wayfinding and mapping platform can be tailored to each stadium's unique environment, ensuring smooth navigation whether spectators are heading to their seats, concession stands, or toilet facilities. With Living Map’s digital wayfinding technology, the stadium experience can easily become entirely stress-free, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the event without the hassle of getting lost.

Real-time Updates

Living Map's digital mapping is supported by a Map Management System accessible to facility managers and event organisers. This system enables real-time updates to the space, ensuring visitors have the latest information. For instance, if a stadium toilet becomes unavailable, the map can be promptly updated to direct fans to alternative facilities, allowing them to quickly resume enjoying the game.


Living Map's digital mapping solution can significantly enhance the stadium experience for everyone, irrespective of their abilities. The platform is tailored to highlight essential facilities, including disabled toilets and accessible seating, ensuring that attendees with mobility challenges can locate these quickly and effortlessly. By providing clear and accessible directions, Living Map can support fans and navigate them around any stadium with confidence.

Seamless Integration

The Living Map Platform goes beyond the stadium gates with the ability to integrate transport links and provide fans with real-time information on public transportation options. By incorporating bus schedules, train timetables, and other transit information, the platform can facilitate seamless travel to and from the football stadium, promoting sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. This integration allows spectators to plan their journeys efficiently, avoiding delays and minimising their environmental footprint, making the entire match-day experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Data & Analytics 

Living Map can equip organisers with invaluable data and analytics that offer insight into attendee behaviour, enabling a deeper understanding of the event. By recognising the most popular areas and identifying potential bottlenecks, facility management can refine their planning process, ultimately crafting more enjoyable experiences for future matches. This data-driven approach ensures that stadium management can continuously improve and optimise the fan experience.

Discover how Living Map’s innovative digital wayfinding technology transforms busy and complex spaces such as stadiums. 


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