Celebrate Culture, Music & Community at the In It Together Festival with Living Map’s Digital Wayfinding Platform

As the organisers of the In It Together Festival unveil the third chapter of this vibrant event, Living Map, in partnership with Morgans Consult, proudly introduces our first festival map! Set amidst the Welsh countryside from 23rd-26th May 2024, the In It Together festival, mapped by Living Map, promises an exciting weekend drawing 50,000 attendees for unforgettable entertainment and vibrant experiences. With this year’s attendees gearing up for the festival this weekend, navigating the bustling grounds is seamlessly facilitated by Living Map's cutting-edge wayfinding technology.

Effortless Navigation 

Living Map, integrated into the In It Together mobile app, is designed to guide visitors around the expansive festival grounds with ease. This digital wayfinding and mapping platform is tailored to the festival’s unique environment, ensuring smooth navigation whether attendees are heading to the main stage or grabbing a bite to eat. With Living Map, the festival experience becomes entirely stress-free, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the event.


Living Map's digital mapping platform significantly enhances the festival experience for everyone, irrespective of their abilities. The platform is tailored to highlight essential facilities, including disabled toilets and accessible camping ensuring that attendees with mobility challenges can locate these quickly and effortlessly. 


Living Map presents a more sustainable alternative to traditional printed maps at festivals. By eliminating the need for paper-based materials, digital maps significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with printing, transportation, and disposal. With Living Map's digital mapping and wayfinding platform, attendees can conveniently access maps without requiring physical copies, helping to minimise paper waste. Furthermore, digital maps can be updated in real-time, eliminating the need for reprinting in case of changes or updates to the festival layout. 

Data & Analytics 

Living Map equips festival organisers with invaluable data and analytics that offer insight into attendee behaviour, enabling a deeper understanding of the event. By recognising the most popular areas and identifying potential constraints, organisers can refine their planning process, ultimately crafting more enjoyable experiences for future events. 

In It Together festival is a must-attend event, bringing a vibrant mix of local and international talent to the heart of Wales. With Living Map, visitors can enjoy every moment without the stress of getting lost. It’s more than just a navigation tool, Living Map is your key to unlocking an unforgettable festival experience.

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