Press Release | Living Map elevates visitor experience at King’s Cross with innovative digital wayfinding map

Living Map, a leader in digital wayfinding and mapping technology, has successfully delivered a cutting-edge digital map for King’s Cross which aims to enhance the visitor experience.

Accessible through the King’s Cross website, the digital wayfinding platform helps people better navigate the King’s Cross neighbourhood and promotes it as a premier destination to visit, shop and dine.

With more than 100 shops, cafés, bars and restaurants nestled in cobbled streets and brick arches, this digital map serves as a virtual guide, enticing visitors to explore the rich array of facilities just minutes away from King's Cross and St Pancras stations.

The digital map, which has been designed in collaboration with the King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership (KCCLP), empowers visitors by offering real-time and customisable step-by-step directions, highlighting the diverse mix of facilities on offer, from picnic areas and parks to shops, restaurants and bars. By providing seamless navigation, it also ensures that residents, workers and visitors can optimise their time at King’s Cross, however long they are there.

The digital map is part of the customer experience strategy at King’s Cross to ensure everyone who lives, works, studies and visits the neighbourhood has an enriched experience and leaves feeling satisfied and engaged.

"We're delighted to have collaborated with the team at King’s Cross to deliver a cutting-edge digital wayfinding map. Our mission is to transform how visitors navigate and experience this iconic destination, providing them with an intuitive and immersive exploration." – Peter Asman, Managing Director and Chief Revenue Officer at Living Map.

"The Living Map digital wayfinding map is a valuable addition to the King’s Cross neighbourhood, aligning perfectly with our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for visitors and encouraging them to discover and enjoy the diverse range of facilities within this vibrant cultural hub." - Jack Sibley, Head of PropTech & Innovation at King’s Cross.

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About Living Map

Living Map is a market leader in digital wayfinding and indoor / outdoor mapping. The company specialises in crafting dynamic, client-managed, and branded digital maps across a wide spectrum of environments, from intricate indoor spaces to expansive city areas. Living Map has earned the trust of global clients in transportation, healthcare, retail, culture, and smart spaces, including notable names like Star Alliance, St Pancras, and the Met Museum.

The Living Map Platform™ is a game-changer, offering a turn-key solution that excels in user-friendliness and intuition. It delivers real-time, customisable step-by-step directions, putting clients in control and benefiting visitors, patients, and travellers alike with time saved, reduced stress, and heightened satisfaction.

Unlike traditional signage or paper maps, the unique platform handles complex routes, accounts for real-time changes - such as construction and temporary closures - and optimises routes based on distance, time, and accessibility. Routes can also be curated with personalised guides and must-see stops, enriching the visitor experience, and transforming how they navigate the environment.

Beyond navigation, the Living Map platform™ is a data powerhouse, capturing insights into visitor behaviour and route popularity, boosting operational efficiency and revenue for clients. By extension, for Facilities Management and operational purposes, the same map can be configured to locate and find IoT tagged equipment and any range of fixed and mobile assets clients might wish to define.

In essence, Living Map is a strategic partner for clients looking to transform the visitor experience while retaining full control over their brand and data. Living Map is reshaping the future of navigation, one map at a time.

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About King’s Cross

King’s Cross is London's creative neighbourhood and home of the extraordinary. It comprises 67 acres of inspiring businesses, outstanding architecture, destination retail and dining and a vibrant cultural scene.

The area’s industrial past has inspired the 50 new and repurposed buildings, including Coal Drops Yard, the iconic Gasholders London and the Granary Building. The estate also includes 27 acres of public space, ranging from parks, streets, squares and gardens, with Granary Square and its iconic fountains at its heart.

King’s Cross has almost 1,750 private, rental, student and affordable homes and once complete, 41,000 people will live and work in the neighbourhood. King's Cross is a hub for creative and innovative businesses in London with 4.25m sq. ft. of office space and capacity for 30,000 workers. It is home to start-ups, SMEs and world-renowned brands such as Meta, Google, Havas, Universal Music and AstraZeneca. Boasting 500,000 sq. ft. of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, King’s Cross is also alive with the capital’s best places to eat, drink and shop, welcoming 11 million visitors each year.

The King’s Cross estate, which is owned and managed by King’s Cross Central Limited Partnership (KCCLP), is carbon neutral and committed to reaching net zero carbon by 2035. Every building within KCCLP’s ownership has been certified as a CarbonNeutral® Development, through a combination of using 100% renewable energy, having energy-efficient buildings and offsetting carbon emissions. This landmark achievement is an important step on the journey to become net zero as soon as possible. Further information on King’s Cross’ verification as carbon neutral can be found here.

KCCLP is made up of pension fund AustralianSuper, clients of the international business of Federated Hermes and Argent investors. AustralianSuper owns a 74% stake in KCCLP. AustralianSuper manages more than AUD$233 billion of members’ retirement savings on behalf of more than 2.4 million members from around 360,000 businesses.  

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