The Living Map Platform™ is the central core to our business, being the mapping, visual and functional layer upon which all other Living Map products operate. 

Using best-in-class design and aesthetics, and a modern and well-architected technology stack; it directly competes with major rivals such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, whilst offering a world-class indoor map experience. 

The Living Map digital mapping and wayfinding platform revolutionises the way people navigate complex spaces. With our cutting-edge SaaS technology, users can effortlessly find their way through large buildings, campuses, or even entire cities.

Living Map offer a seamless and intuitive user experience, providing step-by-step directions with real-time updates. Users can easily search for specific destinations, access detailed maps, and receive personalised recommendations based on their preferences and needs.

Unlike traditional signage or paper maps, our digital mapping and wayfinding platform is dynamic and adaptable. It can handle complex routes, account for real-time changes such as construction or closures, and even optimise paths based on factors like distance, time, or accessibility.

By eliminating the frustration and confusion associated with navigating unfamiliar places, our digital mapping and wayfinding solution enhances user satisfaction and reduces stress. It saves time by providing efficient and curated routes, allowing users to focus on their main objectives rather than getting lost and frustrated or wasting time searching for and asking for directions.

Furthermore, our digital mapping and wayfinding platform offers valuable analytics and insights to businesses and organisations. It enables them to understand user behaviour, identify popular routes, and optimise their spaces accordingly. This data-driven approach helps improve operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenue generation.

In summary, our digital mapping and wayfinding platform simplifies navigation, saves time, reduces stress, and provides valuable insights for businesses and organisations. It offers our clients total control and ownership of their environment and brand. 

Experience the future of wayfinding with our innovative technology and unlock the full potential of your space using a single platform.