Introducing Living Map's New COFO: Nick Jeffery

We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the Living Map team: Nick Jeffery, our Chief Operating & Financial Officer (COFO). With a wealth of experience and expertise in finance and operations, Nick brings a fresh perspective and a proven track record of success to our organisation. In this Q&A, Nick shares insights into his professional background, his vision for Living Map, and his plans for driving the company forward in his new role. Join us as we get to know Nick and learn more about the exciting journey ahead for Living Map.

Q: Can you share insights into your professional background and experiences that led you to Living Map?

Certainly! I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2005 and have spent the past 20 years primarily in the telecoms and technology sectors. One of my most rewarding experiences was with a tech joint venture that grew from zero to £100m within three years. It was during this period of rapid growth that I developed a passion for navigating uncharted territories and fostering innovation, which ultimately led me to Living Map.

Q: What attracted you to the role of Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer at Living Map?

The role offered at Living Map was exactly what I was looking for. The company has a fantastic product suite, a strong pipeline, and a team dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences. I saw this as an opportunity to optimise operational efficiency and financial performance while ensuring alignment with investor expectations.

Q: What are your primary goals and priorities for the company in your new position?

In my initial three months, my primary focus is on meeting the team and gaining insight into individual roles and their inter-dependencies. I aim to ensure that skills align with responsibilities, allowing our technology experts to focus on their strengths without undue distraction, for example. After all, just as Messi isn't tasked with taking goal kicks, I believe in optimising roles to maximise efficiency and productivity within our team.

Q: How do you envision leveraging your skills and expertise to contribute to Living Map's success?

Delivering software can be complex, and my goal is to simplify things. I want to ensure that our customers fully understand the value we provide and the support we offer, with no surprises. By leveraging my experience in finance and operations, I aim to streamline our processes and optimise our performance.

Q: Can you share some key milestones or achievements that you hope to accomplish?

My ambition is to transform Living Map into a well-oiled machine where employees are not only hardworking but also genuinely love coming to work. By fostering efficiency, delivering exceptional products, and promoting a positive work-life balance, we can ensure our customers have an outstanding experience. With this focus on excellence, I believe that managing the profit and loss (P&L) will naturally fall into place as a reflection of our overall success.

Please join us in welcoming Nick Jeffery to the Living Map family. With his experience and dedication, Nick strengthens our leadership. Together, we'll drive growth and innovation.

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