Unlocking Digital Wayfinding Technology in Healthcare: Living Map's debut at Arab Health 2024!

Last week marked a significant milestone for Living Map as the company’s dedicated team members travelled to Dubai, showcasing the Living Map digital wayfinding and mapping platform at the prestigious Arab Health Exhibition. Their participation at the event provided a golden opportunity to introduce the Living Map product suite to the healthcare industry, highlighting their commitment to innovation and the critical role of wayfinding and navigation within complex healthcare facilities.

About Arab Health

Before focusing on what the Arab Health Exhibition brought to Living Map during their first debut, let’s consider the history of the event: how it started and where it is today, in 2024. The first Arab Health Exhibition took place in 1975. Over the years, it has transformed into a powerhouse, attracting cutting-edge technologies, innovations, and ground-breaking concepts. Gathering experts and top-tier medical professionals from across the globe, the event has evolved significantly. Reflecting on its journey, it was enlightening to hear from other attendees and exhibitors on the event's growth and booming increase in popularity over the years.

By 2024, Arab Health has undergone a remarkable transformation. With more exhibitors and attendees than ever before, the event has become unmissable for key players and businesses within the industry.

Living Map in Healthcare 

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, Living Map's offering stands as a testament to technology, innovation, and mapping. Placing patient, visitor, and staff experience at the forefront, Living Map’s digital wayfinding and mapping platform addresses the challenges of navigating complex hospital spaces. This includes reducing the number of lost patients, minimising missed appointments, and decreasing the overall anxiety associated with navigating intricate healthcare buildings and hospitals.

Throughout the event, the Living Map team actively engaged with professionals in the healthcare industry, hosting meaningful conversations and insightful discussions on the importance of digital wayfinding. Living Map’s comprehensive product suite was unveiled, showcasing how technology can revolutionise navigation within healthcare facilities.

Apart from establishing new connections and enhancing brand visibility within the sector, the Living Map team delved into a wealth of insights shared by doctors, medical professionals, hospital leaders, and other industry experts. The focus in today's healthcare landscape became apparent from presentations delivered by the speakers at the event, and it all revolves around harnessing new technology to deliver optimal healthcare services and crafting a positive patient experience, during a stressful time.

The Living Map Platform emerges as the best-in-class design and digital platform for healthcare centres and hospitals, enabling them to optimise their space for people, patients, and visitors. This includes the ability to track user behaviour and patterns, as well as manage assets and places efficiently.

As Living Map paves the way for a digital revolution in healthcare navigation, their debut at Arab Health 2024 has left an indelible mark on the industry. The connections made, insights gained, and the collaborative spirit experienced at the event underscore the company’s commitment to driving positive change and shaping the future of healthcare navigation.

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