Webinar Reflections: Mapping the Future of Cultural Spaces with Living Map and Axiell

In our recent co-hosted webinar featuring Axiell’s Director of Digital Strategy, Emily Gumpel, and Living Map’s Sales Executive, Jason Azevedo, we embarked on an enlightening journey to explore the potential of digital wayfinding in enhancing onsite engagement and visitor experience within complex cultural spaces.

Here are the key highlights from the webinar:

Challenges in Cultural Spaces: 

We delved deep into the challenges faced by museums and bustling cultural spaces. From the need for seamless navigation to ensuring inclusivity for all visitors, the pressure is on businesses and facilities to provide memorable and outstanding experiences. Real-time control, staff coordination, and data intelligence are also essential components for optimising these spaces. 

Without these tools and key components, cultural spaces could be negatively affected by bad visitor experience, lack of accessibility and data, and an administrative burden. 

Living Map Platform™ Unveiled: 

Our Living Map Platform™ isn’t just about digital mapping; it’s a comprehensive solution. Jason shed light on how the culture industry can now create bespoke digital maps, access data analytics, and tackle real-time challenges seamlessly.

The CultureConnect Platform Unveiled: 

Emily Gumpel introduced the CultureConnect App, a dynamic digital mobile solution tailored for the arts and culture sector. This dynamic platform fosters interaction and benefits for users and businesses within the sector.

The Living Map and Axiell Integration: 

Through the integration of the Living Map Platform into Axiell’s CultureConnect App, we aim to elevate user experience, enhance accessibility, reduce carbon footprint, and drive ticket sales.

But how exactly...? If you missed the webinar and want to find out more about how this partnership maps the future of cultural spaces, request a recording of our co-hosted webinar. Unlock the power of this digital solution.

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