Press Release | Bath Spa University Enhances Student Experience and Inclusivity with the Launch of Living Map Digital Wayfinding Platform

Bath Spa University, renowned for its commitment to social inclusion and student welfare, takes another stride towards digital transformation with the launch of the Living Map digital wayfinding platform. The platform aims to revolutionise campus navigation, making it more accessible and convenient for students and visitors alike.

"Living Map is delighted to partner with Bath Spa University in this innovative venture," says Peter Asman, CRO of Living Map. "Our digital wayfinding platform is designed to enhance the student experience and promote inclusivity across campus, aligning perfectly with the university's values."

Traditionally, navigating university campuses posed challenges, especially for newcomers. Recognising the need for a modern solution, Bath Spa University partnered with Living Map to develop a dynamic digital map accessible through the University's mobile ‘My Bath Spa’ app, website, and onsite digital kiosk. This innovation integrates seamlessly into the University's ecosystem, offering students a comprehensive tool for managing their academic and campus experiences efficiently.

"At Bath Spa University, we prioritise student experience and inclusivity," says Rebecca Schaaf, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Student Experience. “Our dedication to inclusivity has been recently recognised with Bath Spa University being named the University of the Year for Social Inclusion by The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2024. The Living Map digital wayfinding platform is a continuation of this commitment, designed to support students in their journey towards academic success and further enhance inclusivity across campus.”

Key features of the Living Map Platform™ include:

  • Enhanced Student Experience: Students can navigate to their classes with ease, reducing stress and disruptions to their learning. The platform empowers students to feel confident in reaching their destinations on time.
  • Inclusivity and Accessibility: With step-free routing options and highlighted accessible routes, ramps, and elevators, the platform promotes inclusivity and removes physical barriers for individuals with mobility impairments.
  • Visitor Engagement: Prospective students and visitors can access the digital map through the University's website and app, enabling them to familiarise themselves with the campus before arrival. This interconnected digital experience enhances the University's open day events and supports prospective students in making informed decisions.
  • Sharing location: The digital map allows users to share their exact location, addressing the common challenge of finding meeting points on campus. This feature enhances efficiency and reduces stress for students, staff, and visitors alike.
  • Data-Driven Improvements: The platform will provide valuable insights to the University into user behaviour and campus traffic, enabling data-driven decisions to be made on improvements to support students and enhance the overall university experience.

The launch of the Living Map Platform™ coincided with a Bath Spa University open day, welcoming approximately 1000 new visitors to the site. The University has already received positive feedback about the new digital map from parents of students with mental healthcare needs expressing how pleased they were, as the digital wayfinding map alleviates worries about navigating the campus and reduces anxiety associated with campus life.

"We are thrilled to provide a solution that addresses the needs of our diverse student population," says Rebecca Schaaf. "With around 26% of our students identifying as disabled, neurodivergent, or having a mental health condition, the Living Map platform, in conjunction with the University's AccessAble guide, will help students orientate themselves around our campuses and settle into life at Bath Spa."

Rebecca Price, Facilities Manager and lead on this project for Bath Spa University, added: “We’re so pleased to have an interactive kiosk in the Commons Atrium at Newton Park campus, and that the digital maps are now available via the My Bath Spa app and the University website for everyone to explore. And it doesn’t stop there. We aim to introduce more kiosks at key points across our campuses in the future, and we’ll continue updating the maps with more wayfinding information.”

As UK universities continue their digital transformation journey, Bath Spa University leads the way with Living Map, leveraging innovative technologies to enhance the student experience and promote inclusivity across campus.

The digital map can be found on the Bath Spa University website at the following link:



About Living Map

Living Map is a market leader in digital wayfinding and indoor / outdoor mapping. The company specialises in crafting dynamic, client-managed, and branded digital maps across a wide spectrum of environments, from intricate indoor spaces to expansive city areas. Living Map has earned the trust of global clients in transportation, healthcare, retail, culture, and smart spaces, including notable names like Canary Wharf, St. Pancras, and the Met Museum.

The Living Map Platform™ is a game-changer, offering a turn-key solution that excels in user-friendliness and intuition. It delivers real-time, customisable step-by-step directions, putting clients in control and benefiting visitors, patients, and travellers alike with time saved, reduced stress, and heightened satisfaction.

Unlike traditional signage or paper maps, the unique platform handles complex routes, accounts for real-time changes - such as construction and temporary closures - and optimises routes based on distance, time, and accessibility. Routes can also be curated with personalised guides and must-see stops, enriching the visitor experience, and transforming how they navigate the environment.

Beyond navigation, the Living Map platform™ is a data powerhouse, capturing insights into visitor behaviour and route popularity, boosting operational efficiency and revenue for clients. By extension, for Facilities Management and operational purposes, the same map can be configured to locate and find IoT tagged equipment and any range of fixed and mobile assets our clients might wish to define.

In essence, Living Map is a strategic partner for clients looking to transform the visitor experience while retaining full control over their brand and data. Living Map is reshaping the future of navigation, one map at a time.

For more information, visit:


About Bath Spa University

Bath Spa University has campuses based across Bath and London with over 1,100 staff supporting 10,000 students studying a variety of different courses across the arts, sciences, education, social science, and business. A 'Professionally Creative' university which encourages all its staff, student and partners to be curious, creative and confident, BSU is The Sunday Times University of the year for Social Inclusion 2024. BSU is dedicated to ensuring its students graduate as engaged, global citizens who are ready for the world of work. Named as the 17th Greenest University in the UK and boasting a Gold Mark for Social Enterprise, BSU harnesses values of sustainability, equity and respect. With a wide range of partnerships spanning from educational to cultural, BSU continues to act within the very heart of its communities, cultivating relationships within the city of Bath and beyond.   

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