Press Release | Living Map and Morgans Consult Forge Exciting Partnership to Transform Wayfinding Experience

Living Map, a global leader in digital wayfinding and mapping technology, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Morgans Consult, a leading expert in wayfinding systems. This collaboration brings together Living Map's expertise in interactive mapping technology with Morgans Consult's innovative solutions, aiming to enhance the visitor experience in various spaces.

Living Map excels in creating advanced mapping experiences, combining geospatial data, advanced algorithms, context-aware guidance, and user-friendly interfaces. The company's dynamic mapping products provide solutions tailored to various industries including transportation, smart spaces, culture, and healthcare, empowering users to navigate and explore spaces in real-time. Living Map is committed to becoming the preferred mapping provider and wayfinding visualisation layer within Morgans Consult.

"The collaboration with Morgans Consult is truly exciting for us, and we look forward to combining Living Map's expertise with that of Morgans Consult to create a synergistic offering," said Peter Asman, Chief Revenue Officer at Living Map. "This partnership holds the potential to deliver a more immersive and comprehensive user experience, redefining the way visitors engage with spaces."

Morgans Consult, a leading provider of innovative wayfinding systems, designs solutions for clients across the UK. Under the guidance of Michael Kitchin, Managing Director, the company focuses on maximising the potential of managed spaces. Their goal is to build meaningful connections between clients and visitors, offering intuitive solutions in the realm of navigation and wayfinding.

“This is an extremely exciting partnership for Morgans Consult, one that signifies our approach to meeting the complex needs of our clients, providing them with the most innovative and intuitive solutions on the market.

Our focus is always to help our clients maximise the potential of the spaces they manage, helping them build more meaningful connections with their visitors. We design wayfinding systems for a large portfolio of clients across the UK and our partnership with Living Map allows us to provide our clients with unprecedented interactive mapping capabilities. 

The Living Map product aligns perfectly with our goals and will significantly advance our offering, adding considerable value to the solutions we provide. It will also enable both companies to branch out into new markets, offering enhanced services to an increasingly diverse client base.” - Michael Kitchin, Managing Director at Morgans Consult.



About Living Map

Living Map is a market leader in digital wayfinding and indoor / outdoor mapping. The company specialises in crafting dynamic, client-managed, and branded digital maps across a wide spectrum of environments, from intricate indoor spaces to expansive city areas. Living Map has earned the trust of global clients in transportation, healthcare, retail, culture, and smart spaces, including notable names like Canary Wharf, Kings Cross, and the Met Museum.

The Living Map Platform™ is a game-changer, offering a turn-key solution that excels in user-friendliness and intuition. It delivers real-time, customisable step-by-step directions, putting clients in control and benefiting visitors, patients, and travellers alike with time saved, reduced stress, and heightened satisfaction.

Unlike traditional signage or paper maps, the unique platform handles complex routes, accounts for real-time changes - such as construction and temporary closures - and optimises routes based on distance, time, and accessibility. Routes can also be curated with personalised guides and must-see stops, enriching the visitor experience, and transforming how they navigate the environment.

Beyond navigation, the Living Map platform™ is a data powerhouse, capturing insights into visitor behaviour and route popularity, boosting operational efficiency and revenue for clients. By extension, for Facilities Management and operational purposes, the same map can be configured to locate and find IoT tagged equipment and any range of fixed and mobile assets our clients might wish to define.

In essence, Living Map is a strategic partner for clients looking to transform the visitor experience while retaining full control over their brand and data. Living Map is reshaping the future of navigation, one map at a time.

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About Morgans Consult

Morgans Consult is an innovative brand and signage consultancy, creating spaces that inform, engage, and connect brands to their audience.

Since 1995, Morgans Consult have established themselves as UK market leaders in wayfinding system design, braille and tactile, audience engagement, digital signage, and brand implementation. It has developed trusted long-term relationships with clients in a range of sectors, including retail, transportation, hospitality, education, healthcare, media and construction. It is committed to working sustainably, and offers solutions that help its clients meet their own sustainability goals.

From its HQ in Cardiff, Morgans Consult has built a specialist team of consultants, designers, craftspeople, and installers. This range of skills and knowledge enables Morgans Consult to be flexible, creating bespoke outcomes that put the aspirations of the client, and the needs of the end-user, first.

While renowned for innovation, its consultative approach and the flexibility of its solutions, Morgans Consult’s focus is always the same: Creating solutions that help businesses use the spaces they own to connect more effectively with their audience.
Connecting people and place.

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